we explore new way of thinking

We always aim to develop a future-empowered culture focussed on innovation, strategy, creativity and design in a world of complex ideas and practices and build adaptation, resilience and transformation through recognition of emerging patterns, environments and possibilities.

We explore new ways of thinking and have developed the ability to uncover trends and ideas on the horizon that are affecting any business and organization and discover unseen opportunities for growth and advantage today.
This approach allows us to analyse wisely anything we do by identifying the pros and cons of any business model and we tend to turn potential obstacle into a sustainable business opportunity.

The pace of today’s M&A activity demands decision-makers make the right moves confidently and swiftly to avoid missing opportunities. This requires clarity and an in-depth understanding of the deal – both of which can be difficult to achieve as the deal-making environment becomes more complex.

  • SILVER SKY understands the challenges on both sides of the transaction and recognize the need for both parties to drive maximum deal value. Our Deal Advisory M&A professionals across our global network are forward-looking specialists with vast deal experience, a broad range of skills and deep industry expertise. We create holistic solutions that will help you confidently navigate the complexities of buying and selling a business, identifying the key risks and rewards throughout the deal cycle.
  • For sellers, we help you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture. We assess your situation and support your negating position to maximize sales price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to the remaining business operations.
  • For buyers, we recognize the need to unlock value at every stage of the transaction. We help you identify target markets and potential targets, and support an efficient transaction process even for the most complex deals. We help you align deals with your strategic business objectives, maintain compliance and enhance value from integration and potential upside opportunity.

Our global teams of Deal Advisory professionals work seamlessly with you and other parties involved in the deal to focus on the key questions during the critical stages of planning and executing acquisitions and divestitures:

  • How do I maximize value?
  • What is the asset worth to me?
  • How do I prepare my business for exit?
  • What business can I acquire in my target markets?
  • How do I capture the value created?

When a company faces operational or financial challenges, speed is of essence. SILVER SKY provide the Turnaround services that will help you move from crisis to value realization quickly.
Our Turnaround specialists across our global network understand the risks and rewards of a major turnaround. We have the tested methodologies, combined with our deep sector knowledge and the foresight that comes from experience, to help you quickly stabilize your cash and liquidity position and identify pockets of value.
We will guide you through each phase of the turnaround process – from establishing an early plan of action that clearly explains what needs to happen when, to developing a turnaround plan that balances the different priorities of all stakeholders, all the way through to execution and value realization.
As we drive a rapid turnaround to meet stakeholder objectives, we focus on the key questions that will help you create a leaner, more flexible and far more competitive company.

  • How can I quickly and effectively assess all my options?
  • How can I stabilize the business and assess its financial position?
  • What financial impact might I realize with the various options?
  • How can I execute my turnaround plan?
  • How can I make sure my plan delivers value?

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